Updated on: 2020-03-23 15:16:16

Streetify is the largest source of deals, voucher codes, coupons and cashbacks in the world. We have aggregated over 50 deal sites in one place and instead of being deal-centric (getting deals then selling them to you by email) we are user-centric (you choose which brands you would like savings and deals from).

Easily create virtual stores and streets (like categories), from your choice of any business on the web, in a single shopping heaven. See stores in a list view, or rotate your mobile to see a virtual street or mall. The landscape ('Street') view is georeferenced so when it's dark, the lights come on, when it rains in real life it rains in Streetify and so on.

Visit any street or mall globally, to browse and access the deals from all the major cash back, voucher and deal websites. We automatically search them for deals that you can access where you are, saving you time, effort and money.

Use Streetify to organise all your online life. Many of your existing Apps will automatically load when you save the same company's website. So, you can use Streetify for your banking, shopping, work, passions and everything online. Share your streets with friends via social media.

See where famous celebrities favourite shops, restaurants, bars and interests. Celebrities can use Streetify to involve their fans in their lifestyle, and promote their Sponsors.

Streetify supports small business also aim to get people back to high streets. Bars, restaurants, cinemas and stores can use Streetify to draw people in with announcements of events and deals. Small companies don't even pay to advertise, so keen are we to support their efforts to SAVE OUR SHOPPING STREETS.