Streetify - Every Deal, Everywhere

Streetify is the largest source of deals in the world with over 50 deal sites in one beautiful App. So it’s the cheapest place to buy nearly anything.

Download the App on your Phone or Tablet for the best experience. Then join us so you can access all the clever features on Streetify.

Create your own streets

Then fill them with virtual stores. Choose literally any business that has a website anywhere - and a gorgeous store will be created. Streetify then searches over 50 of the biggest deal sites for deals and tells you about them.

Streetify is FREE to users and local businesses

Deals from over 50 deal sites in one beautiful place

We search over 50 cashback, deal and vouchercode websites, for deals for stores that you view.

Real Locations

Visit any Main Street or Mall and see stores, bars, banks etc. with deals that you can access. If it’s night, raining or snowing where you’re visiting it’ll do the same on the street. Visit selected events or create one and enter the exhibitors yourself. Streetify is Community.

Follow famous celebrities

See where they buy and hang out. Buy tickets to see them, check out their sponsors, buy merchandise, and discover more about their lives and interests.